Venue Lighting Trends 2017

A lot of people over-look venue lighting and just see it as a last minute job to tick off the list.

Lighting can change a marquee or room into a party venue for all the guests. With the new and ever changing LED technology there are so many smart ways to transform your venue, without going over budget, we have listed just a handful of ideas to whet your appetite.


Most uplighters are very compact, but powerful units that can turn a blank canvas into an amazing lighting effect, that will highlight features of the venue and make your event stand out from the crowd.

Most disco’s and event suppliers stock these nifty little gadgets in their stock of equipment.

The newest range of LED uplighters feature batteries that typically last between 6 to 10 hours on one charge and these can also be set to play a chase or fade to match the colour scheme of your event as the press of a button. No unsightly cables and they can be placed pretty much anywhere in the venue in minutes.

String Lights

String lights are back and they will be around for a long time!

Many event suppliers can create spectacular effects with LED string lights, everything from roof canopy’s, top table backdrops, light up trees or even wrapped around beams to add the extra wow factor to your venue.

LED Dancefloors  

Why is dancefloor in the venue lighting trends section you ask?

Well, LED dancefloors are usually overlooked when planning the theme of your venue. With an LED dancefloor, you can create a true dancefloor experience that will twinkle away under your guest’s feet all night long.

Most floors are a very slim construction with edges so you can avoid the embarrassing moments, when a drunken bridesmaid trips as they are cat-walking their way onto the dancefloor.

Initials Projection

Another great use of lighting is to have your initials projected onto a wall or surface.

This is a relatively simple, yet amazing effect you should keep in mind when you are looking at your venue decorations. Most local lighting companies will be able to take your design and make it into something that can be projected on the surface of your choice.