Best “Cool” Theme: Emoji Overload

Consider an emoji birthday party theme if your kiddo is full of personality. The different emojis will give party guests loads of inspiration to tell funny stories and take wacky pictures!

It wouldn’t be an emoji party without the right decorations and table setting. For a special addition, leave an emoji beanbag chair in the center of all the action and watch kids take turns kicking back and relaxing after the cake is served! Make sure you send the party animals home with some emoji goodies, like funky keychains and wristbands — they’ll love trading!

Best Primary School Age Theme: Under the Sea

Tell the kids to grab their snorkels and bring their swimsuits! It’s easy for little ones to get lost in the nautical whimsy of an under-the-sea party theme. Depending on the age group, the party can be semi-educational too.

We love adding paper sea creatures as centerpieces on the table and hanging a few fish from the ceiling. Drape fish netting from the corners of doorways, or work it into your dessert table display. Scatter starfish around for some extra ocean fun — kids can paint them, too.

Best Girly Theme: Spa Day

Does your stressed out sweetheart need some time to unwind? Throw her a spa birthday party! Different than a makeup party, spa parties encourage relaxation. So, instead of eyeliner smudged into your fave carpeting, look forward to some zen. 

Bring the spa home for the kids by creating a pedicure station with an Orbeez Ultimate Soothing Spa and cute toe separators. Play a game by pairing up the kids and instructing them to take turns applying face masks to one another — while the kiddo applying wears a sleep mask! Bring the theme to the next level with Little Spa balloons and party plates.

Best Gender-Neutral Theme: Farmhouse Adventures

Whether you live in the middle of a busy city or in the center of a small town, a farm party will leave a lasting impression. Farm parties are especially a hit in the fall season, when kids can bob for apples and decorate mini pumpkins.

Cow print balloons and banners create a cohesive feel while dangling cute farmhouse cutouts adds a fun and friendly touch. Dress the main table with farm-themed plates and napkins. Plus, kids will love oinking and mooing as they use the different props in the photobooth station — add a few bales of hay if you’re really committed to the theme!