Get Signed Up

  1. Go to the register page to sign up, it’s compeltly free!
  2. When you are signing up just select the Event Planner Option

Post Your Event

  1. Choose a title that will get your event seen (e.g. Joes 10th Birthday Bash, My Special Wedding Day)
  2. Give as much detail as you can in the description, so that the Event Specialists can get a good idea of the service you require at your event.
  3. Pick the categories that best suit your requirments.
  4. Choose the event budget you have.
  5. Tell the Event Specialists the date, time and where your event is.
  6. You can even add images, room plans and other documents to show the Event Specialists what you want at your event.

To Be Featured Or Not To Be Featured?

The featured function means that your event will be featured at the top in the event specialist area. It is typically used when you are short of time and need to arrange an event quickly. There is a small cost implication of just £2.50 to get your event sorted quickly and easily.

Preview Your Event

Make sure all of the details for your event are correct, so that the Event Specialist’s can give you the right price and service. If you need to amend your event, just click the “Go Back” button.


If you have chosen the option to have a featured event you will be asked to complete a paypal payment. If you have not chosen the featured option just click “Finalise Event Posting”. Now sit back and relax as Event Specialist’s recommend ideas and bid to get you the best price for your event.