Why create floor plans and seating arrangements charts?

  • Floorplan layouts give catering and/or venue staff a precise diagram of how to lay out your event, reducing the chance of errors.
  • Seating charts reduce confusion (and potentially conflicts) among attendees at events.
  • Attendees are much more comfortable knowing they don’t have to search for a seat.
  • For events where attendees have selected a meal choice, seating charts allow the catering staff know who receives which meal, again reducing

Basic Seating Arrangement Tips

  • Seating arrangement charts are recommended for attendee / guest lists Of than 50 people.
  • Find out the maximum capacity of the room or space with regard to how you want to set it up, because stages, dance floors, buffet tables and other items take away seating space.
  • Build out your seating chart after your RSVPs are in. not before.
  • If attendees are only sitting at tables for 1-2 hours. don’t overly about who sits where, because they will still be able to mingle with others guests before and after the seated activity.
  • If assign attendees to just tables, you will only need escort cards to direct them from the entrance/lobby to their tables (a seating chart posted at the entrance wilt also work). If you assign attendees to specific seats, you will both escort cards at the entrance as well as place cards the tables.
  • When considering the size of the space/room that you need. use 12 sq. ft per attendee as a good rule of thumb to start with.

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